Tet is very important for Vietnamese people. On New Year’s, the family gathers together. Besides, traditional customs in Vietnamese New Year are also very important.

1. Mr. Cong, Mr. Apples.

Since December 23, Vietnamese families have cleaned up the kitchen to worship Mr. Cong, the traditional offerings of gold fish to send him to heaven, hoping to report to the Jade Emperor. The good thing is that according to folklore this is the day that the Jade Emperor will punish or reward the owner based on what the apple reported.

2. Banh Chung cake package.

Banh Chung is a traditional, long-standing Vietnamese food. From the 28th and 29th of Tet, Vietnamese families usually pack their banh Chung as a Tet gift and enjoy it. Eat bread to remember the gratitude of the ancestors, parents and reminiscent of the story Hung King cocoon protruding from a long time.

3. New Year’s

Day Tet holiday, Vietnamese people often buy flowers that symbolize good luck such as: peach, apricot, lime … to dispel evil spirits, pray for a new year always happy and prosperous, fullness for the whole family.

4. The five fruits.

Fruit tray is also an indispensable custom in the Tet holiday of Vietnamese families. The five elements that make up the universe according to the concept of Confucianism with deep meaning, attached to filial piety and desire for good things will coming in the new year.

5. Rewarding of grandparents.

On New Year’s Eve, the Vietnamese often present fruits, wreaths to the grandparents, tribute to the ancestors, the roots, together review the memories of the old year, wishing for the coming New Year. .

6. Affluence.

Spring buds in the spring is a beautiful day in traditional Vietnamese tradition. Vietnamese people often go to the New Year’s Eve to pray for a better year.

7. Burning land.

Landing is a very important custom of the Vietnamese people because believe that the lander will decide a happy, prosperous or unlucky year. Therefore, they often invite fortune-tellers, who are age-matched with the landlord, and believe that they will bring good fortune for a whole year. The landlord must dress properly, then have to go all around the house and the hope of luck will always be overwhelmed.

8. Happy New Year.

On the first day of the new year, Vietnamese people have the customs to wish New Year’s relatives, friends and relatives.

9. Happy birthday.

On New Year’s Day, Vietnamese people have the habit of littering children. Red envelopes symbolize luck, union, wish happiness will come for the new year.

10. old age.

At the end of the year, the Vietnamese have the habit of sweeping clean houses, shopping utensils, new clothes. Adults also advise children, that in the moment of change they will not argue, no charge or make mistakes. Those who are hysterical with each other also eradicate, the new year just to bless each other good and lucky.

11. Perfect timing

On the first day of the year, Vietnamese people choose beautiful hours, beautiful direction to leave, hope to have a new year when the foot steps out.

12. Visit ancestral graves.

The children usually visit their ancestral graves for about 23 to 30 days, repairing, cleaning up to show their filial piety and invite their ancestors to their descendants.

13. Writing.

On the beginning of spring, children continue to open the pen, hang red sentences to pray for good luck and good hope will come in the new year.

How does a vietnamese wedding look like

The traditional Vietnamese wedding is totally different from American and Western style, which is one of the most important rituals of Vietnamese culture influential from Confucianism and Buddhist ideology. It is usually equipped with a considerable number of formal ritual practices, as it is not only for couple or for both families important days. In general, there are three main ceremonies:

13 traditional customs in Vietnamese New Year

Tet is very important for Vietnamese people. On New Year’s, the family gathers together. Besides, traditional customs in Vietnamese New Year are also very important.

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