The gallery

We know how daunting it is to look for accommodation regarding your upcoming vacation. You find so many places that look good at a first glance, but once you go through their reviews, you realize that pictures can often be misleading. Small details are often overlooked on purpose. Besides, quality standards are not visible in pictures.

None of these problems will affect you if you choose our Travel Vietnam hotel. Our pictures are worth your mobile background, as they were taken by a professional. We are not trying to hide anything, but underline the beauty of our place. Look for reviews and you will find it almost impossible to find neutral or negative reviews. This is because we treat each client as if they are the most important one until they leave us. When you take a look through our gallery, what you see is what you get – and we know that you love what you see.

Our gallery is quite comprehensive and aims to give you some hints about what to expect while on holiday to our hotel. If you are curious about our rooms, you will find pictures of double rooms (multiple varieties for the bedding), as well as apartments (we have two differently sized apartments). When it comes to the restaurant, you have a few pictures displaying it at different times of the year.

The same rule applies to our bar. You have a few pictures showing you what the party atmosphere is like, but also what the bar feels like when people only get there for a few drinks. The lounge is one of the most popular parts in our hotel, mostly because you can bring your drink or snacks and enjoy some silence in front of a TV, on a comfortable couch. Also, explore the pictures of facilities like the pool or nearby attractions like the local beach.