Would you prefer it efficiently or dare to enjoy it? To the plan of the foot of the journey. Airplanes or railroads are convenient for long distance travel between major cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. If you are traveling in the city you can safely take a taxi, if you want to travel long distances at low rates you want a bus, if you want to taste the Vietnamese emotion … Cyber … and wisely choosing according to your purpose is one of the pleasure. Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have so many bikes, so be careful when walking!

Long distance movement

In Vietnam which is slender to the north and south, airplanes are convenient for domestic long distance travel. If you purchase tickets for international and domestic flights of Vietnam Airlines in Japan, it may be cheaper depending on the time. Even local airline companies and travel agencies can easily purchase, if you are a luxury hotel you can ask the concierge. However, there is a sudden schedule change, so do not forget when you need to reconfirm yourself (reconfirm reservation) yourself!

Because travel time is overwhelmingly short, we can fully enjoy Vietnamese stay in short term. Hanoi ⇔ Danang It is also a recommend bullet tour.

If traveling in major tourist cities, a unified railway that traverses Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh to the north and south is recommended.
There are also three routes connecting Hanoi – Haiphong, Lao Kai, Dondan and Ho Chi Minh – Phan Thiet. By the way, Hanoi ~ Ho Chi Minh is about 30 to 40 hours by unified railroad.

If you are staying for nearly a week, you may want to go by train. Nostalgic station buildings and railway car bodies are something attracted to by not being railroad geeks.

When traveling distance is long, long distance bus is also recommended if you have time to spare. Although it certainly takes time, it might be possible to encounter meetings with locals and unexpected scenery. Why do not you try using “Vietnam” if you want to feel direct! What?

Anyway it’s cheap! It is a great way to travel for journeys where you can not afford to move money. It may be for students as well as communication with the local people.

Moving around town

Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are similar in terms of traffic conditions. Taxis are expensive compared to bus lines and cycles, but the most recommended for sightseeing. If you stop by stopping your hand like Japan, the door opens itself. Some drivers only speak Vietnamese, so it is useful to memorize the destination in advance.

If several people decide the place, there is room for a thought as a private taxi choice. I will not get lost so we can spot comfortably and efficiently.

If you check the bus stop and the route number of the place you want to go in advance, the bus is convenient for moving around the city. Pay the fee to the conductor in the car and do not forget to greet the driver when you get off. Small communication may lead to big encounters.

The real thrill of bus movement is to be able to fully enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city of Vietnam. It may be used to move the spot in the city.

A rickshaw ride with only a seat in front of a bicycle · Cycles is a means of transporting plenty of Vietnamese emotions. However, recently it has been banned from entering Ho Chi Minh from the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents, so it can be used only in the Old Town of Hanoi.

The price of Cycles depends on negotiation. Moreover, most of the drivers can only speak Vietnamese, so it is also charged for expensive charges. When using it is safe when you accompany the local guide.

Transportation method which is full of Vietnam as motorbike society. Even Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh can be stopped everywhere in the city, but if you do not negotiate a price you will be asked for a higher amount, so it may be unsuitable for sightseeing. But, if you can overcome this, you are a Vietnamese Master!

Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have lots of traffic, and driving manner is also Vietnamese. If it is a rough driving, do not force yourself another way.