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Our hotel was initially erected as a small place for travelers in 1899. With time, it kept expanding until it became a reputable hotel. The current construction was upgraded in 2001. Since then, it went through a couple of restorations, with the latest design being available since 2016. Basically, everything you see is new.

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We have 24 rooms and they vary widely in size, but not so much in facilities – except for bedding, of course. Larger rooms with more beds are suitable to families or honeymoon travelers who require more space.

On the other hand, our double rooms are more popular – ideal for couples, friends and even families with one or two kids. We can supply one extra bed per room if you need it. We also have five baby beds on site, so we area always ready to welcome younger guests. We cannot guess how old your children are though. Therefore, if you have any special requirements, please make sure to mention them when you book.

Each room has its own bathroom – fully featured with facilities like toilets, sinks, bathtubs and shower cabins.

Check out the restaurant

Our restaurant will surprise you with the menu – available in six different languages. Simply put, you can enjoy dishes from the Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, South American and French cuisine, along with a few other international dishes. We have lots of options for more courses, as well as a long line of deserts that no one can resist. Literally everything is cooked on site, in our own facilities. We do not use frozen ingredients and we do not rely on other kitchens. Our chef has more than 20 years of experience in this industry.

Foods are cooked from fresh and on demand. Therefore, we hope our customers will be patient enough to wait five to 30 minutes for their meals to be done. Although waiting can be a bit of a struggle, we guarantee that it will be worth it. Meanwhile, enjoy some of our exclusive wines or cocktails – they will keep you busy.

Check out our bar

While you can always have a drink while enjoying a meal in our restaurant, you can always check out our bar. It is conveniently located on site, so you can literally pop in within minutes only. Although the menu is the same as in our restaurant, the atmosphere is different. You can enjoy a dim atmosphere in a more party-oriented environment. Also, our bar is split in two sections – one of them is for smokers only, so you can smoke indoors.

The menu includes everything you might want – from basic soda water and juices to all kinds of whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy or wine. We offer a broad range of rare wines, not to mention cocktails and shots – even your own recipes.

Welcome to the lounge

The lounge is many of our clients' favorite place to chill, relax, spend some time online and chat to each other. We have 10 large couches and each of them comes with a few armchairs, chairs and a coffee table in the middle. We can promise you that you have never been on more comfortable couches – you dive in as you sit down. There is plenty of space between one couch and another, so you still have some privacy there.

Internet is widely available throughout the entire property, including the lounge. You will find lots of people chilling away from the party atmosphere in our bar or the buzzing restaurant in this place. You can bring your drink and have a bit of silence while checking your email, watching some TV or chatting to your best friend.

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