The two natural heritage sites in Vietnam, five cultural heritage sites, and one compound heritage site are all fantastic and unique. If you come to Vietnam, we would like to introduce the eight world heritage which we would like to visit. Do not miss it!

Vietnam where the landscape complex of Jianan was newly added in 2014, and eight world heritages were registered in total. Through the heritage of the two natural heritages of Halong Bay, Fong Nya Kean National Park, Hue’s building group, Hoi An’s old townscape, Masonic sanctuary, Thang Long Castle ruins, five cultural heritage of Ju Dynasty Citadel, Jian An Landscape Complex Let’s touch the unique charm of Vietnam.

Halong Bay

The ever-changing beauty is absolutely unless you do not stay one night.
A sunset that makes me want to join hands with someone in the morning without birth of dirt, a beautiful night sky scared.

It is a fantastic Halong bay, with 2,000 large and small strange rocks rising above the sea level of the emerald green, but you cannot meet true beauty unless you stay at least one night. It is 3 hours by car from Hanoi, that is, 6 hours back and forth.
Because you cannot taste the scenic view that changes rapidly on a busy schedule, it is even said that “I hate going on a day trip”. It is a fantastic and unique landscape even on a sunny day as well as on a misty day.
Please visit “absolutely”, not by all means, on a cruise ship over 1 night stay plan.

Old streets of Hoi An

Hoi An prospered as an important base for the Silk Road of the sea from the 15th century to the 19th century. In the 16th century Japanese town was also built as a port town, so it is a place that is closely related to Japan. A house called a tile roof on a yellow wall about 200 years ago is still in use.

Mison Sanctuary

This is a sacred place of the marine ethnic group · Champa Kingdom which prospered over 900 years from around the 4th century. There are dozens of ruins of Hindu Shiva buildings lined with buildings enshrined there, and it is said to be the Vietnamese version of Angkor Wat. It is a real pleasure to be able to walk around freely in the sacred place!

Fongya Kevin National Park

A group of caves which is said to be the oldest and largest rocky mountain in the world in Asia. It is said that it was made over 400 million years ago. It is said that there are 300 large and small caves, of which two large caves are open to the public. June to August is the best season if you visit!

Thang Long Castle ruins

Thang Long is a Vietnamese word “rising dragon”. Even if the dynasty changes for about 1, 300 years, the palace has not changed, it was the unusual administrative center in the world. In 2004, the ruins that seemed to be “Ansei amulet” that Abu Ari La Naka assumed from the excavation site were found, and it is hot topic in Japan too!

Hue group of buildings

The last dynasty · the capital of the Nguyen morning. The royal palace in the old city and the Tombs of the suburbs were registered as Vietnam’s first world heritage. The palace of each king influenced by Asia, Europe, each country is a spectacle. You can also see Hue ‘s court music and dance registered in intangible World Heritage in the royal palace!

Citadel of Ju

Established in the 15th century, it is a vast citadel of Hu created in the morning that ended in only 7 years. It was registered as a World Heritage in Vietnam the 7th in June 2011. Characterized by beautiful arches of cut-out lithographs, only the front gate with a height of about 8 m exists. It is said that it was completed in just 3 months using megaliths.

Jiang An Landscape Complex

It was newly registered as Vietnam’s only compound heritage in 2014. It is said to be “Halong Bay on the land”, there is a temple in the strange rock, nature, temples and caves are fused. Local people also seem to be a spot to visit.